Jan, 2023
Jan, 2023
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History of the Monastery

The Monastery of Saint Jerome was built in 1500 by Don Ghisello, owned by the famous family of Vandini by permission of the Bishop of Montefeltro, Luca Melini, and with the later support of the Dukes of Urbino.

The monastery is a charming place, surrounded by ancient oaks and it has been recently restored by the Municipality.

Today it appears as a peaceful oasis, an intimate shrine for tourists who want to linger here and perhaps even taste some delicious typical food.
The monastery consists of a church, a convent and other nearby facilities.
The church has a single nave, an original choir area and an organ. The altarpiece on canvas, painted by Bernardino of Longiano in 1560, depicts Mary with the angels, the Child, Saint Jerome and Saint John the Baptist. Frescoes on the walls represent Santa Maria delle Grazie, a triptych of Mary and Child, Saint Anthony the Abbot and Saint Sebastian; a painting of Mary Magdalene from 1508 and a painting of the Madonna, Child and Saints surrounded by small squares depicting scenes of evangelical life.

Next to the church you can find a beautiful cloister where you can relax and meditate, protected from the heat in the summer and from the cold winds in the winter.

In the refectory, popular but evocative frescoes of the Last Supper and of St. Jerome (San Girolamo) sitting and reading adorn the walls.
On the upper floor of the monastery there are the old cells of the monks, some of which are now used as guest rooms.

The Historical Residence of San Girolamo was born and developed around a clear idea: the love for nature and local culture.

The monastery is surrounded by a green garden, ideal for anyone who decides to spend a holiday in the silence of the surrounding landscape, to relax and fully regenerate from the stressful city life and to breathe pure air pampered by the sounds of nature.