Mar, 2023
Mar, 2023
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Business meetings

Alternative business dinners.
Ideas for corporate dinner or lunch.


Are you looking for the right alternative to organize corporate dinner or lunch for associates and customers?


The monastery of San Girolamo offers a cozy and welcoming environment that offers a special setting for any type of event. If you are looking for the opportunity for work colleagues to connect and get to know each other outside of the working environment you can organize your company dinner or lunch in an atmosphere of conviviality that helps build team spirit.
Looking for an idea? You can offer a bus service to accompany your associates to San Girolamo: in this way the journey will also be an excellent prelude to the party and your guests will enter the heart of Montefeltro without the stress of driving.
Whether there are 10 of you or many more, the staff of San Girolamo has the right solution that meets quality and respects the budget.


Welcome to the
Gastronomic experience of San Girolamo


Our great passion for food, products of the earth and local produce, allow us to guarantee a culinary proposal made of carefully selected ingredients, a cultural inheritance, directly on the table carried down from previous generations. The greatest pleasure is to be able to share our philosophy and the special relationship that binds us to food.

We buy our fruit, as well as vegetables and field herbs and / or from local organic vegetable gardens, while a special production of goat cheeses is produced by hand according to the ancient tradition a few metres from our office. Yogurt and butter come directly from a herd of local cows.

We take great care in selecting authentic and high quality products, certified by our local area to ensure tasty and healthy ingredients.