Jan, 2023
Jan, 2023
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Swimming pool

Full recharge of energy and relaxation.
well-being and pleasure in harmony.


The swimming pool area of ​​the Monastery of San Girolamo is the ideal place for revitalizing and relaxing swims to stimulate circulation and relax muscle tension.
Whether you have chosen San Girolamo for the sea-mountain package, for an intensive Yoga course or if it is the starting point for your excursions immersed in nature on horseback or by e-bike, the swimming pools are the right place to end the day in full relaxation and in complete harmony with the environment that surrounds us.
If instead you are our guest simply to enjoy our warm hospitality and the peace of this timeless place, then this will be the centre of your relaxing days.
In winter as well as in summer, you can enjoy the beneficial effects of the hydromassage immersed in water at 35 °.
A true particularity, to be explored, are our tubs with water heated by the wood stove. They are modern tubs totally made of wood that interpret an ancient Scandinavian tradition and integrate perfectly into the environment of our natural garden. Adults and children can enjoy – in complete safety – a unique wellness experience.

San Girolamo, despite being in the midst of the infinite green of the Valleys, is also located near the medieval village of Frontino, a perfect place for family or group holidays, or even alone. Our vintage estate has a private swimming pool, a guarantee of peace and relaxation for those who stop here finding the best anti-aging holiday possible, come and discover the magic of these places.

The green valleys and the sumptuous Apennines of Montefeltro offer Vine growing, Truffle farms and Olive groves, the masters of Goat Cheese, jam producers, in close contact with our Abbey of San Girolamo all contribute to making this a mystical and exclusive Marche residence. The view from here, to say the least, breathtaking, best represents the true Italian tradition of our country. From here you can admire the millions of sunsets on the most beautiful postcards of our lush land.

A holiday at the residence of San Girolamo can make the difference, the private pool area guarantees our guests total well-being in a typical environment of the Marche region, surrounded by the culture of these fascinating places, tranquility while always in contact with nature.